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Last updated on June 25th, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Enjoy add free, unlimited graphical stuff, optimal performance speed, and no watermark on your video with the Kinemaster prime apk application. This amazing tool for creating majestic digital content is all you need if you want to have the limelight on social media.

Kinemaster Prime Apk

Having so much stuff to manipulate ideas is a real wonder, technology is presenting us. Things are in our control and on our finger-tips. Even though an artistic or a professional mind knows how to steer the ideas on-screen, but a beginner working on Kinermaster Prime is going to have a remarkable experience and impressive results at the end. Furthermore, you can also share these edited videos on Newhatsapp Apk for free because newhatsapp app is modded version of simple whatsapp with extra features.

Here on this page, we are going to explore Kinemaster Prime. This apk version of Kinemaster offers you unlimited stock of HD images, stickers, GIFs, illustrations, themes, text styles, animations, and that too without any copy-right issue. Let’s get started to discover the splendors of Kinemaster Prime Apk.

Kinemaster Prime Apk Download

App NameKinemaster Prime Apk
Size20.1 MB
Last Updated2 Days Ago
Current Version4.15
Requires Android4.2 and up
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation

For downloading it on your android phones, follow these simple steps

  • First of all, go to the settings of your mobile, open up security, find and click on unknown sources, and allow the sources to install the application by turning it on.
  • Now, open up the apk link and start downloading the apk file
  • After downloading is finished, install the application.
  • It is ready to start.

For downloading on PC

  • The app can run on PC as well but with the help of an emulator. Check out the steps for downloading it on PC
  • At first, install an android emulator most commonly Bluestacks on computer
  • Download the apk version of Kinemaster prime
  • Locate the file and open the selected folder.
  • Right-click on the file band select open with Bluestacks.
  • The installation process begins, follow the prompts and complete the procedure

Further features are somewhat similar to

Features of Kinemaster Prime

Kinemaster Prime Download

1. HD Video

Kinemaster Prime Apk supports HD quality video results. High-resolution is due to the greater number of pixels. A 1440p, 1080p, or 720p resolution is an HD video that has the best visual quality and gives a seamless view to the viewers. The Kinemaster app can work smoothly on phones with less RAM, and there it would allow you to opt the video quality from high to low.

2. 3D Transitions

Simple style transitions of the clips fading in and fading out are old now for 3D transitional effect have taken the place. For the interest of the audience to be constant throughout the video, the transitions have been blended with uniqueness. Kinemaster prime apk has upgraded the transitions like a blur, mosaic that can be adjusted and controlled. Feel free to explore to make your videos interesting and crowd-pleasing.

3. Multi-layers

Another feature added to facilitate the video makers is multilayers. Multilayer comes totally handy when you are working on short video clips. It allows you to add multiple elements on the clip like effect, media, slow motion, text, overlay, and handwriting at the same time. The crucial thing you should bring the best out of all the features and then there is no limit to what you can do with Kinemaster prime apk. If this app looks heavy, do check Kinemaster lite new version.

4. Asset store

Asset Store is the actual treasure of Kinemaster Prime Apk. It provides you unlimited access to the short animated clips, thousand of HD images, stickers, preset templates, effects, background images, filters, text font, text effects, transitions, sound clips, and interestingly there won’t any issue regarding copyright

5. Chroma key

Add in a zest to your images or clips with the chroma key. Crop out the image from your primary image, that has a plain green background. Place this image as foreground on any background image and make little adjustments to make sure the image is immersed with the background.

Kinematser Prime Apk Download

This feature we just explained is known as the chroma key feature that has been used widely in VFX motion graphics. Kinemaster Prime Apk allows you to work on the Chroma key and make dazzling images.

6. Video editing

In the Kinemaster Prime Apk, you can select and combine multiple short clips for making further edits on them. This app permits frame per frame cutting, trimming, and slicing so you can delete any unwanted element from your video.

7. Effects

Adjust the physical appearance of the video by the Fx tool. You can adjust color, brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, or apply preset filters to add vibrance in your video. Audio effects can be adjusted, along with adding background music from your library, voice-over the clip, or change the voice with the advanced tools present in the Kinemaster prime apk.

8. Speed of video

Slow-motion video enhances the dramatic effect and attracts the attention of the viewer. Whereas reversing the video emphasizes on the concept being delivered by the creator. So these tools actually enhance the beauty of the video. Kinemaster has made the application of the effects quite easy.

9. No add, No watermark

Kinemaster prime apk gives you to add free editing experience. No adds would pop up and disturb your work and this is has extended a lot of convenience for the users. Similarly, after you are done with the editing, no watermark would be shown on the final video. Get the freedom of creating short films with the Kinemaster Prime Apk

10. Export

The last step is to export and publish the content you created. Before exporting choose the Frame per second (Fps) which is either 30 Fps or 60Fps. This defines the number of frames that will be played in a second. Next, choose the resolution that complies with your android device. Afterward, share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. If its a private one simply export it to your gallery.

11. Supported formats

It supports WAV, M4A, AAC, and MP3 audio formats. While for the images it is compliant with JPEF, PNG, BMP, WebP, and many others. Moreover, it does run on all android devices very well.

Also, check

That is all for the Kinemaster Prime Apk. Install this versatile software at the earliest and give your feedback on how was your experience whilst creating digital content on it.

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