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Last updated on July 10th, 2022 at 07:59 am

Make your impact on the digital world by creating illustrious content via videos and short films. As the technology runs on the fast-track, innovation and creativity are now turned into reality with the super-advanced tools that are just a click away. We refined a vast array of tools and applications to find Kinemaster Lite, the superhero of video editing tools.

Kinemaster Lite Apk

Kinemaster lite is a cut short version of the main application, and this version is specially designed to use less RAM and CPU, thus your mobile won’t slow down neither will the application consumes more battery. Kinesmaster lite apk unlocks unlimited features for you so you can produce dazzling stuff that rocks the internet.

Coming to the point you are actually visiting this page for, we will be straightening out the specs and features of Kinemaster Lite. The app will be working absolutely fine on your android model of 4.1 or up.

App NameKinemaster Lite Apk
Size20.1 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Current Version6.0
Requires Android4.2 and up
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation

What’s Kinemaster Lite?

Kinemaster Lite Apk is an application designed specifically for low-end android version. Kinemaster LITE provides a platform for your creativity so that you can make and edit awesome videos, even if you don’t have a high performing RAM on your phone. The total storage of the app is 20 Mb, and even that’s not an issue for it will not occupy more storage on your phone. The app has been downloaded by over 500,000 people that speaks a volume about the boosting performance of this app.

If you do not know how to use this app then check our extensive article on how to use kinemaster.


Before we tell you how to download and install the Kinemaster Lite Apk, we must tell you the convincing features that became the reason for you to search Kinemaster Lite and bring you here.

1. No Watermark

A watermark showing the app name, even a small one on one corner, can grab the attention of the viewer, and to be honest, it does not give out a good impression on the viewer. Kinemaster Lite Apk has got this problem solved. You won’t get a watermark on the clip and that’s fantastic. However, you can add a small watermark that shows your name, so as to avoid copyright issues. There is also a dedicated kinemaster no watermark apk present that you might want to see.

2. Chroma key

It features the iconic chroma-key feature which adds magic to your videos. You can swatch backgrounds behind different images, and make it appear as a part of the scene. Follow Youtube tutorials to master chroma key and create some amazing digital content. The best part is this feature is available in the Kinemaster Lite apk, and it works well without affecting the speed of your phone.

3. HD formats

The Kinemaster Lite app allows you to create videos in HD formats. High Definition videos are the ones that have a high resolution that results from a large number of pixels. HD videos are normally 1440p, 1080p, or 720p. Having high-quality video results boost the chances of maximum viewership as you share them on Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and twitter. However, Kinemaster does give you options to choose your video quality, be it exporting it in Medium Quality or Low Quality.

Kinemaster Lite

4. Editing video options

Through Kinemaster Lite apk, you can split, trim, crop videos. Add background music that is present in the presets or from your own library. You can add multiple HD images in the video to create a motion graphic. With 3d effects and transitions, the video gets an extraordinary artistic touch. Surpringly, you can have all features of kinemaster on pc as well.

Other options include adding styled text effects, and on spot voice-over feature. Furthermore, you can control the speed of your videos. Add a slow-mo effect for more sensational touch, or fast forward for enhancing the dynamic effect in the clip. With the Kinemaster Lite apk, the Fx effects of the pictures and clips such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and other such adjustments are just a matter of minutes. Do checkout the kinemaster prime apk as well.

5. Animated stuff

The Kinemaster Lite apk is now loaded with more interesting stuff such as animated stickers, graphical images, and a lot more like that. Above 1000 stickers in the Kinemaster lite are totally free and unlocked so you can pick up anyone and insert them in your videos.

6. Multi-layers

Kinemaster Lite Apk is programmed to let you work with Multi-layers. Managing layers during editing video is the major task. You practice it, so you master it. Multi Layers option in Kinemaster includes handwriting, text, media, and overlay. You can numerous layers in the video, and manage them in the frame adjustment tool. Over and above that, the time of the clips can be adjusted with precision.

7. Audio Effects

This feature provides various options, for adding sound clips, adjusting the sound, have the voice changing effects, and along with that, the sounds can be adjusted to fade in or fade out during the clip.

8. Supported Formats

Know the formats of the images, audio, and video the Kinemaster supports. Images having JPEG, PNG, or Graphical Interface Format are supported in this app. Audio formats WAV, MP3, M4A, AAC are supported while the video formats include MP4, MOV, and 3GP.

How to download and install Kinemaster Lite Apk?

Follow the steps to get the Kinemaster Lite Apk.

  • Click on the apk link given and allow it to download.
  • Meanwhile, all you have to do is to allow your device to install third-party apps. This can be done either through the settings or through the prompt that appears on the screen after the app is downloaded.
  • After you change the settings, the app starts to install on your phone.
  • Within a few moments, the app is installed and you can now start your work on the digital content.

Wrapping it up, we are now sure that working with Kinemaster Lite video editing, not only your creative skills will improve, but your digital content is going to grab a lot of appreciation from the social media. Supporting low-end devices, and not disrupting their battery life, this application has provided an amazing platform to many creative minds out there. Leave your comments and feedback if this article helped you out.

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